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Every great thing is achieved with a plan. Your purpose-based dream can be achieved over time with a plan that breaks it down one question at a time. Gary Kelly and Jay Papasan’s The ONE Thing, calls this technique Goal Setting To the Now. You work backwards in 5-year increments and simply ask, “Based on my someday goal, what is the one thing I can do in the next five years?" This continues with, “Now, based on my five-year goal, what is the one thing I can do this year to be on track to achieve my five-year goal.” This method continues until you have worked your way to the present moment when you ask, “Based on my daily goal, what is the one thing I can do right now to be on track to achieve my weekly, monthly, yearly, five-year, and long-term goal?”  

This one question approach not only helped me to chip away at my big dream of moving to Washington, D.C., it also kept me on track to create my company’s debut product, The Pinnacle Planner. I became better with specifying my goals and identifying the priority tasks to achieve them. I also became a better decision-maker because this exercise empowered me to say “no” to opportunities that did not align with my mission, consequently making it easier for me to stick to the clear and specific goals that I had established.

"I truly believe that if you put your goals in writing, speak them out loud, and work for them, they will happen." - Ciara

I had way bigger dreams than being a nanny for the rest of my life. The time I spent identifying my purpose helped me use my set-back as a setup to pursue what I saw for myself with confidence, and create goals that I could follow with focused determination. You, too, can live an extraordinary life based on your definition of success through the purposeful imagination you breathe into it and the clear plan we set for it. You can begin thinking about your new next level with this workbook. You can also use these "this time next year" templates to visualize your future.

 So, go forth and dream big dreams that scare you with a clear plan of execution that empowers you along the way. I look forward to your 2019. 

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